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Why the Best Brand of MSM Powder is "OptiMSM"

Bergstrom Nutrition, formerly known as Cardinal Nutrition, is the Company that Pioneered the use of MSM for human consumption in 1989. Today, consumers in more than 18 countries purchase hundreds of different retail products containing Bergstrom’s proprietary ingredients.

When you purchase the OptiMSM brand, you are getting the original MSM Sulfur that is patented and licensed for sale in the United States and throughout the world as a dietary supplement.

OptiMSM is manufactured in the United States according to strict manufacturing standards. Other brands of MSM products may contain impurities or contaminants.

MSM has been clinically shown to be effective in increasing joint comfort and supporting a normal range of motion.

MSM is 34% sulfur, a naturally occurring nutrient that is essential to maintaining the integrity of cartilage and connective tissue.

OptiMSM brand of MSM is the only MSM that is supported by double-blind clinical research.

OptiMSM® brand of MSM Sulfur Powder manufactured in the USA in a GMP-FDA approved facility, eliminating the risk of contamination from toxins like benzene, toluene or pesticides. OptiMSM has been consistently made to the highest purity for over 25 years in the only NPA cGMP MSM production facility in the world.

OptiMSM is non-allergenic and non-toxic. It is one of the safest compounds that we can consume, comparable to water. OptiMSM is Kosher certified-an additional assurance of quality and purity.

OptiMSM is pharmaceutical grade quality MSM, and is produced by the method of distillation.

This distillation process removes any potential impurities, leaving only pure the MSM, i.e. "OptiMSM".

The quality of OptiMSM Sulfur Powder is supported by a certificate of analysis for each batch of MSM Sulfur they produce.

Some of the conditions which have been helped or eliminated by MSM: Response to allergies: Taking Oral MSM has alleviated the allergic response to pollen and to foods. The anti-allergic property of MSM is as effective or better than the traditional antihistaminic preparations.

Reduced joint and muscle pain and inflammation: MSM Sulfur aids in cell regeneration. It reduces inflammation and permits the muscles to heal. While helping to rebuild healthy cells, MSM can increase flexibility in joints which is a great relief to sufferers of arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and muscle, tendon or ligament strains and sprains.

According to the US Patent, too low of a concentration of MSM in the body will cause adverse physical and psychological stress, tissue and organ malfunction, fatigue and increased susceptibility diseases.

OptiMSM products are manufactured in the United States so you can be sure that you are recieving the highest quality and the purest form of MSM that is available worldwide.

OptiMSM is the worlds best selling MSM because it Pioneered the production and use of MSM and because it is Made In The USA

OptiMSM is a pharmaceutical grade quality of MSM and is produced by a method of distillation. Since it is manufactured in the USA, it has to meet a higher standard than companies that manufacture their MSM products in China or India

OptiMSM is manufactured in the only dedicated NPA cGMP-approved MSM production facility in the world.

MSM Now Used World Wide: MSM is now one of the safest and most effective pain relievers in the Nutritional Supplement Industry today.

There are now over 25 million products that are now made with MSM due to its effectiveness for relieving pain and inflammation.

Here are just a few of the Companies and Products available that use or contain MSM in their active ingredients

Osteo Bi-Flex, Kala Health, Blue Bonnet, Nature's Harmony, Natures Plus, Natures Way, Puritan's Pride, Vitaman's Shoppe, Mother Nature, Web Vitamins, Jarrows Formulas, Vital Nutrients, Tree of Life, Wild Oats, Source Naturals, Physiologics, Schatz Nutraceutical, Pro Thera, Prairie Naturals, Douglas Labratories, Futurebiotics, Enzymatic Therapy, Vita Cost, Oylmpian Labs, Move Free Advanced Flex-a-min, Nature Made Triple Flex Nutri Joint, Nutri Start And as seen on TV: "Dr. Frank's Joint Pain Spray for Dogs and Cats".

MSM Sulfur that is manufactured outside of the USA can be purchased at a much lower price than the MSM that is manufactured in the USA.

Although these products are available at a reduced price, they can contain contaminents such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminum, mercury and microbials.

MSM manufactured in the USA is a safe and effective natural relief of chronic pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia pain and inflammation, relief from allergies, cancer treatment, Diabetes, back pain, and to

relieve muscle pain and inflammation.



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Msm Products: We carry only OptiMsm from Cardinal Nutrition, the only 99.9% Ultra-Pure MSM officially licensed for human biological use under the R.J. Herschler Patents.

The msm you purchase from us will always be 99.9% pure methylsulfonylmethane nutritional sulfur and will never be cut with any other ingredients. A copy of the certificate of analysis is available upon request.